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Save the date! A “Marin Headlands in Berkeley workshop” planned for May 18, 2024



EBRS is scheduling a SPECIAL EVENT. "Headlands in Berkeley" all-day workshop is coming back, scheduled for Saturday, May 18,2024, the Saturday after the Mother’s Day weekend. It will be held in the downstairs rooms at St. Mary Magdalen Church in north Berkeley and there is plenty of parking.
The format will be much as the daytime Saturday sessions at a Headlands workshop. There will be two duplicated sessions in the morning and again two duplicated sessions in the afternoon. Participants will choose which from the pair of sessions for each of the four time-slots.
We have an outstanding set of conductors for the event: Frances Blaker and Tish Berlin in the morning and Greta Haug-Hryciw and Andy Canepa for the afternoon. It should be a great day of music!

We have been requiring at-home Covid testing the day of our playings, and if possible, asking that you bring your NEGATIVE test to the event in a zipped baggie, or a date-stamped photo otherwise. Of course, positive tests STAY HOME, as well as if you have symptoms of any illness.