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Board of Directors (2021/2022)
President:  Susan Jaffe
Treasurer:  Mary Ann Campbell
E-distribution: Carol Coon
Conductor Locator:  Rachel Bradley
Newsletter Coordinator and PublisherSuzanne Siebert       
Chapter Meeting Music: Linda Skory
Webmaster:  Suzanne Siebert
Headlands Committee: Anna Lisa Kronman (Coordinator), Merlyn Katechis (Registration), Bill Stewart (Contract), Patricia Wheeler (Publicity & Music), Linda Skory
Composer-in-Residence/ Secretary/Publicity/Librarian/:  Glen Shannon
Member Performances:  Cindy Keune
One-day Workshop:  Cindy Keune and Jody Harcourt
Hospitality:  Anna Lisa Kronman, Ray White
Member-at-Large:  Vicki Gutgesell


Below is a map showing the location of Zion Lutheran Church, 5201 Park Blvd, Oakland, CA, where most of our events had been been held (and we anticipate will be again when we are able to meet together) before the pandemic.


Zion map




Judith Leyster,

The Flute Player (c. 1630), National Museum, Stockholm